At WEHack, we're looking to shape the future of technology

UTD's women-driven tech organizations are excited to join forces and present our first all women, non-binary, 24-hour hackathon. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment that highlights and empowers women and non-binary students through technology. We aim to encourage more underrepresented people to harness their skills to create projects of their own.


Why WEHack

There is a huge disparity in the number of women and non-binary students participating in hackathons. In fact only 24% of participants are women and 3% of participants identify as non-binary/other. So, it is not surprising that this lack of diversity ultimately affects the gender parity in the tech industry at large. By participating, we want students to gain valuable experience through networking, and learning from distinguished speakers, inspiring mentors, and peers.


Components of Robotics are utilized in almost every aspect in the tech world. Because of this we decided to get inspiration from the robotics field for our hackathon. Since there are a myriad of fields that play a role in creating a robot, our team thought that it is a generalized theme and will provide hackers a creative mindset to form an innovative project based on the following challenge statement below.



Create a project that addresses one of the issues that the robotics industry is currently facing.


WEHack would not be possible without the help of our amazing sponsors.




Frequently Asked Questions

People who identify as female or non-binary may sign-up to participate for this hackathon.If you do not identify as female or non-binary but you consider yourself an ally of our cause, we would love to have you as a mentor. Apply here to be a mentor!

WEHack 2020 will be happening from October 10th-11th and will be happening virtually through Hopin and Discord!

No! WEHack 2020 is open to all majors and would be the perfect place to start your first project!

Hacker and Mentor Applications are open! Please refer to the links at the top of the page to apply.

We are unfortunately not able to accomodate anyone below the age of 18 at this time

WEHack 2020 is completely free! Everything is covered including our sweet swag which will be sent to you via mail!

Teams at WEHack can have approximately 4 to 5 members. If you already have team members in mind, just include their names in the team section while filling out our application to form your team. If you do not have a team, don’t worry! You can form teams the day of the hackathon by meeting fellow hackers in the Discord!

Registration closes October 9th.

WEHack will not be providing hardware in person, but we encourage you to use online hardware simulators.

WEHack 2020 will be completely virtual!

Whatever floats your boat:)

WEHack Empower Series

Join us in an empowering speaker series.

Business woman Sang Le discusses the business within the technology world.

Following the beginner Python Workshop, this workshop prepares for more complex projects.
Come learn from Victoria Catlett! Join early to download the software.

Accomplished Communications & Strategy Consultant Erin Rector walks through the skills needed to succeed at work and at life.

Austin Women in Technology representative Shreya Prasad brings you a self-branding workshop that may help you find yourself.

Tech Together, an organization which has brought you many, many hackathons, shares how to make the most of your first hackathon.

Find your WEHack team here!

Executive Director at JPMorgan Chase, Mimi Park, wants to share with you the differences between 3 of the fastest growing sectors in computer science: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

Learn how to use sponsor APIs and meet our lovely WEHack organizers after.

Meet The Team

Alisa Thomas


Medha Aiyah


Nisha Rajesh

Marketing Head

Shireen Bahadur

Logistics Head

Maaha Sakhia

Experience Head

Ankita Bantey

Development Head

Afrida Tasnim

Industry Head

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